How Complex is To Read

Reading or how to read, is a complex process that draws upon many skills that need to be developed at the same time. Marilyn Adams (1990) compares the operation of the reading system to the operation of a car. Unlike drivers, though, readers also need to:

  • Build the car (develop the mechanical systems for identifying words)
  • Maintain the car (fuel it with print, fix up problems along the way, and make sure it runs smoothly)
  • And, most importantly, drive the car (which requires us to be motivated, strategic, and mindful of the route we’re taking)

Cars are built by assembling the parts separately and fastening them together. “In contrast, the parts of the reading system are not discrete. We cannot proceed by completing each individual sub-system and then fastening it to one another. Rather, the parts of the reading system must grow together. They must grow to one another and from one another” (Adams et al., 1990, pp.20-21).

The ultimate goal of reading is to make meaning from print – we require a vehicle in good working order to help us reach that goal.  

Online Learning Is Best Way To Educate Children

When a child starts learning new things, how to spell and how to count are the two most important things taught to the child. All parents want their child to be an expert at spellings and always do well in spelling tests. The reason is quite simple: be it the language, science, literature, or any other field, correct spelling is required everywhere. Good handwriting is another requirement. A person can still manage with not-so-good handwriting which is at least legible, but even one incorrect spelling attracts trouble.

There is help available for parents as well as children on the internet, like  There are dedicated websites which have programs and tutorials for parents to help the children learn how to spell correctly and sharpen their spellings skills. This is something which can be learnt and a person can become an expert with practice. TOnline spelling tutorial is very interesting. The parents as well as child learn fast and effectively through fun learning sessions.

How to Start with Learning Spellings

As a parent, you can take the initiative to make your child develop a genuine interest in how to spell lessons. Most effective method is to start by the words your child already knows. Prepare test papers with simple words spelt incorrectly which they have to correct, or words spelt incomplete which they have to complete.

Second step would be to design papers around the child’s hobby or interest. For example, your child may have several dolls or cars; ask them questions about these toys and demand answers in full sentences. They will be encouraged to answer these questions, search for correct spellings, learn spelling of those answers, and therefore create a base for good spelling skills.

Decorate the house with different words written around the house. These words can be written on the child’s room’s door, on furniture, on the refrigerator, in bathroom, or in the garage. The point is that your child should be on lookout for new words and difficult spellings and try to spell them without seeing the word.

You can teach your child how to learn spelling using music and songs. You may find some such songs on the internet. As we know, reading a word aloud always has its benefit as you tend to point out the mistakes yourself by reading aloud. If singing or associating music with the words also helps, nothing is wrong in trying it. This is a very effective tool which also adds fun to spelling tutorial.

Reading Improves Spelling Skills

Apart from these techniques, most effective way is to encourage your child to read more and start writing difficult words in a separate diary or notebook. Reading exposes them to new words every time and keeping a record in notebook helps them retain new words just going through the book every few days.

English language is quite complicated as there are many words that are spelt differently but pronounced in the same way. And, there are words which are spelt similarly but are pronounced differently. This tends to confuse the child; therefore, it is important to introduce the child to word families.

Like the “ack” family, the “ough” family, and the “eat” family, these families of words are often spelt incorrectly. These are some simple ways in which a strong foundation and love for words can be generated. From the websites parent can get many more tips on how to spell correctly for the children. Many tests are there which help the child to test his spelling skills.